Octane Level for 2017 Honda Civic Touring Sedan

What octane does the 2017 Honda Civic Touring Sedan use?

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Hello -

I recently bought a 2017 Honda Civic Touring Sedan. When purchasing the vehicle, the dealer told me it took 87 octane gasoline. However, the owners manual says all vehicles with a 'Sport' mode take 91 octane. What confuses me is every Civic for my generation from the EX-T trim level and up uses the 1.5 liter I4 engine with a turbo - would all of them require 91 octane? Or is it just the Civic Si and the Civic Type R? Please help clarify this for me because I want to take proper care of my vehicle, but I also don't want to waste money on octane I don't need.

Thank you in advance!


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The 1.5T motor is tuned for 87 octane. Using 91 octane without the appropriate tune would yield little to no hp


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I have an ‘18 LX sedan 2.0 N/A and I run 91 or higher all the time simply because the fuel mileage is better and over the years I won’t have the issues that ethanol wreaks on your internals. Something to think about

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