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12.8:1 Ls/vtec

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B18c1, Ls trans:(, AEBS intake manifold,Dc sports 4-1 type R header, K&n short ram intake, muffler shop exhaust,Fidanza 7.5 lb flywheel,exedy s1 clutch, Hondata s100-161 whp &118 tq.

Exterior:Konig monsoon 16"x7" wheels, Carbon fiber front lip

Interior: Ex cluster, Gsr cloth seats


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-Stock 50% purple tint to 20% black on all windows
-Stock Harvard Navy Blue to Metallic Blue
-Stock headlights & corner lights to black halo projector headlights
-Stock Honda H & 5G Civic emblems to Type R Honda H & 6G Civic emblems
-Stock muffler for bigger chrome muffler
-Stock pedals to APC ones
-Stock radio deck & rear speakers for Pioneer DEH-3900MP & TS-A6971Rs respectively
-Stock Viper to Viper 350 HV keyless entry system
-Stock wiper blades for new silver 'high performance' blades
-Stock wiper nozzles to chrome blue lighting ones


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92 USDM civic dx

Stock motor with Intake/ no name 4-2-1 header/ 2.5 in exhaust, NGK high spark plugs, NGK Wires, Si tranny, Ex dead pedal, custom black/grey interior, spoon style mirrors, apexi short shifter, type r shift knob, low profile khumo ecsta tires, Gold Ls rims with silver outline,


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JDM Wifey


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V.P Dave
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My 4 doors on 20psi!!!!

CRAPPY PIC but its all I got right now:(


D16y7 swap
95' si trans
GReddy exhaust manifold
Garrett GT25 turbo
GReddy typeS blow off valve
custom front mount
custom down pipe
Omni power test pipe
Centerforce stage 3 clutch
ACT 10lb flywheel
450cc injecters
255 fuel pump
B&M fuel pressure regulator
B&M fuel pressure gauge
Bisimoto cam gear
silicone radiator hoses
GReddy electronic boost controller
Eagle rods
Wassner 8.0.1 pistons
Cometic head gasket
ARP head studs
NGK wires
MSD external coil
BDL block gaurd
Megan 2 1/2" exhaust


Omni power camber kit
Omni power coil overs
Omni power lower control arms
ASR subframe brace
Progress sway bars 22mm frnt 24mm rear
Tokico struts
Benen front tie bar
had to get the Benen tow hooks also!
Kumho tires
15" J-mags
ARP extended wheel studs
Rays lugs


Auto meter wide band
Auto meter boost gauge
Greddy spec B boost controller
Edlebrock short shifter
prothane shift bushings
Nextechnology H.I.D kit
99' civic side skirts
Mugan style front lip

waiting on paint any color ideas people?????


V.P Dave
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My 93' 4 door


Rota J-mags
Kumho tires
wings west lip
Benen tow hook
Ek side skirts
ARP extended wheel studs w/forged lugs
Tokico struts
Omni power coil overs
Omni power camber kit
Omni power LCAs
ASR subframbrace
Benen front lower tie bar
type r sway bars
Megan racing full stainless exhaust
Omni power test pipe


Greddy electronic boost controller/gauge
Greddy turbo timer
Auto meter c/f boost gauge
Auto meter c/f oil pressure gauge
Auto meter wideband
Edelbrock short shifter
rockerfosgate 10" sub
Alpine amp


edelbrock victor X Intake manifold
Hondata insultator gasket
stg 2 crower cam
Cp pistons
Eagle rods
Synapse wastgate
Synapse B.O.V
samco cuplers
mini ram horn turbo manifold
Garrett turbo
XS power F.M.I.C
ARP head studs

I know i am missing things but eff it!!! haha

94 LX

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8.5mm Cables
Shortram intake
Full Tokico Blue Lowering Kit
Hid Kit
Led Taillights
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ok heres mine

not much mods to it yet
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D15B7 A6 swapped, AEM tru-time adj cam gear, and energy suspension shifter bushings everything else is stock. not going to be a very fast build but eventually it will be nice.



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i need new RIMS! or TRADE!

i got these xxr rims! grey and crom lip! 17'.
i dont like them because they hit too much! idk what to do?!
what should i do so it wont hit! from the back(i already got spacers to rise it up a lil)?.
what kinda springs or shocks do i get?!
besides that i want my car to be low!
so any trades ! mssg me! small rims! send pic!red or black! or w/ red lip.
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ThrasheR JdM

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my 95 ex

-tanabe ajustible struts
-no more hxs now sportmax 002s
-window visors
-front+rear strut bars



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jdm b16a
basic bolt ons

tanabe f lowerin springs
blox f and r camber kit


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1993 Honda Civic DX Sedan
Stock non vtec
NGK plugs & wires.


98 DX stockies

Window vents



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1992 civic LX - Please be kind

here she is. she rides like a dream too!!! handles gr8 eventhough I need to tires and we have NAsTy rain and crap weather right now... I still have a LONG ways to go....

full adjustable coil-over suspension, 2.75" in frnt 2.5" in rear (the drop)
new OEM brakes all around
Energy sus. ploy Bushings. new Upper cntrl arms. new LCA's
sway bar ITR kit next

pioneer deck
one 12" sub wired at 1 OHM
2400watt rms mono block amp @ 1 OHM
all four factory speakers replaced
Front doors in PODS
rear deck in foam cups
custom box. BTW I DID ALLLLLL THE WORK ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
custom anti-theft/remote keyless/and 3 kill switch's
there ya go.... bed time for me and theres just too much to talk about. I just haven't made her look nice yet, she deserves better. LMAO!!!:word:

BTW mild wire tuck, pic's as soon as i finish driver side....
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Pictuers here:

1992 Honda Civic Dx 1.5L SOHC MT D15B7 Non-Vtec

PO6 Chipped ECU (just have basemap made for my setup for now)
440cc Injectors (Lucas)
Ebay Modified Intake manifold (70% more volume than stock intake)
2.5in Exhaust system
Fully Rebuilt Head
Vitara Turbo Pistons 8:1 compression (not 9:1)
Custom Downpipe
T3/T4 Turbocharger
Compressor Specs :
3" Compressor Inlet
3.000" or 76.20mm Major
1.988" or 50.50mm Minor
Compressor .50 A.R.
Compressor 57 Trim
M24 / T4 Compressor Housing
Turbine Specs :
T3 Type Turbine
11 Blade Type
Turbine .64 A.R.
Turbine 76 Trim
2.560 " or 65.04mm Major
2.204 " or 56.00mm Minor
Manual Turbo Boost controller
38mm External Turbo Wastegate (custom dump pipe)
Turbo Sequential Blow Off Valve (It Can Hold Up To 1200HP Or 25 PSI Of Boost Pressure)
28"x7"x2.5" Front Mount Intercooler/2.5in piping
Adjustable FPR 0-140psi (going to run 38psi to start)
Stock Fuel pump (31-38psi with regulator vacuum attached and 40-47psi without regulator vacuum
90amp Alternator
10.2mm spark plug wires
NGKBKR7E-11 Plugs (2steps colder) gapped-.026
Adjustable cam gear (set at stock)
58mm throttle body (stock)
Yellow top battery
All sensors are in OEM and working condition and have not been modified in any way.