Heres my 1991 std.
153xxx original miles
one owner
clean title
very well taken care of.
bought 08/02/12

came with 15s with new 195/50/15 nexen tires on black rims with polished lips but i put them on my other civic.

thanks for looking!
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Well, this is interesting
1991 SI b16a

1991 SI hatch
272 cams
catback exhaust
Lowered on coils
1983 BMW rims

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Just picked this up for $300! I've always wanted one for a daily and I finally pulled the trigger. Came with Momo Idea wheels (currently refinishing), innovative b series swap mounts, obd0-obd1 conversion harness and dizzy jumper. Doing a b18b1 swap and making it my daily so I can work on my db7 turbo build more easily.

Plans are rebuilt b18b1 swap, ls cable tranny, new front seats (theyre completely trashed),new steering wheel, f&f coilovers to replace the ebay ones currently on the car, new shift knob, and repaint the hood. I might paint the whole car another color including bays and jambs, but I haven't decided.

I'm on clubintegra as well under the same username if you want to look at my turbo build.
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i picked up a complete clean title stock
1990 honda civic hatch dx model
came with all blue interior stock
d15b2 dualpoint
stock suspension
pretty much it since than i have pretty much modded almost every single aspect of the car to jdm ef9 spec

ef9 hood
ef9 filler
ef9 bumper
ef9 corners
ef9 headlights
ef9 sidemarkers
ef9 bumper lights
js/chargespeed poly lip
ef9 thin moldings
ef9 powerfolding mirrors
ef9/mugen spl sideskirts replicated by password;jdm
ef9 sir wing
real j's racing wing
ef9 rear filler
ef9 rear bumper
ef9 rear lip
ef9 rear *rare mudflaps for lip
ef9 taillights
ef9 center garnish
akebonousdm windshield banner

replaced dashboard,door panels,quarter panels, trunk panels,b pillars, c pillars, carpet and seatbelts all to BLACK SI
ef9 SiR front and rear seats did the seat pan swap
ef lower console
rear lapbelts instead of coming accross the top of the rear speakers
ef si cluster
rare 1990 MONTECARLO WOODGRAIN steering wheel
gsr dualbend shifter
ef9 gather quarterpanel speakers
ef9 gather cargo cover speakers
cup/coin slots


RARE 1972 heroe racing fins 15x6.5 +14 4x114 wrapped in a 175/50/15..from what ive heard one of the only complete sets in the u.s


skunk2/kyb agx 10k 8k perch rings eliminated
skunk2 pro series front camber kit
spc rear camber kit
blox lca
DA swaybars
DA front brake conversion
beaks lower tiebar
password jdm 3pt strut bar
password jdm cross drilled nd slotted disc


swapped in a high comp.jdm d15b vtec
rywire obd0-obd1 conversion harness
monotech dpfi to mpfi harness
jdm ecu p08
aem sri
or pwjdm whale penis intake
dc header 4 2 1
skunk2 racing test pipe
hks sport full catback
crx si tranz
exedy stg 1 clutch
innovative motor mounts
mild wire tuck

complete engine bay make over
indeglow garnish
ef armrest
refinish the wheels
bronze glass
jdm doors
rhd conversion
full paint job !!! PATIENCE IS KEY!! AND A s*** LOAD OF $$$$ LOL

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90 Hatch DX

-Owned since Jan. 2015
-MINT blue interior all stock
-Aftermarket sunroof
-Hood Bra
-Amber corner and bumper lights (not pictured)
-Rear disc brake swap off an Integra
-OEM rear mudflaps
-Wheels are 13s off of an 85' CRX Si
-motor is all stock with manual rack and working A/C

feel free to find me on facebook[/Img]


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89 Hatch DX

None. Right now everything is stock!


I've had this car since May 2015. I've had to replace only her timing belt and breaklines in that time, but with 260,000 miles on the engine, I'm sure more fixes will be needed! Love this car to death! I hope to fix her up and keep her running as long as I can!