rough idle?

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its eather your tps is bad clean out your throttel control unerder your throttel boddy and on the back of the intake manifold one of the three is bad or you have a bad ground are you throwing any codes i just cleaned out the idel control valve and my went back to normal so check out them three things

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yeah it could be the idle air control valve like was stated above, but id say most likely its a vaccum leak. CHeck your vacuum hoses and if you cant find it, spray some carb cleaner around and if the idle jumps, your getting closer to the source of the leak!


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any cels? did u go from dpfi? make sure the TPS is wired right. if two wires are switched, it'll do that, but not give you code 7 (?) for TPS. could be vacuum leak. buy like 2 feet of hose and replace each hose one by one, with the new piece. if it stops, keep the hose there. make sure the Idle Air Control Valve is plugged in, etc. does the acceleration "stutter" at all? does it ever stop (temp, etc.)? if u have any open holes on the intake manifold, put your finger over it and see what happens to the idle. did u change the intake manifold?

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