skunk2 camber differences???


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Hey I just ordered my Ground Control coilovers and Koni yellow shocks, so now I'm looking into both front and rear cambers. . .
Skunk2 offers two different front camber kits, so I want to know the dfiference between the two. . .

Skunk2 Front Camber Adjustable Control Arm Set
96-00 Honda Civic (Ek / All) (Pair) (+/- 4 Degrees)
Part #: 516-05-0680

Skunk2 Pro-Series Front Adjustable Camber Kit
96-00 Honda Civic (Ek / All) (Pair) (+/- 5 Degrees)
Part #: 516-05-5680

Which one will work best with the GC/Koni setup and 17" inch rims . . .
also, if I get a rear camber kit, will I need a pair or rear lower control arms? i do plan on getting a sway bar, and I understand you need to replace the lca's in order to place a sway bar on a 99 LX


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MasterShake said:
one just has a larger range of adjustabillity. as far as rear its just this little thing looks like an I
does are rear camber kits, he is talking about the front.


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If you are looking to get Skunk2 I can set you up because I deal Skunk2. I'll shoot ya a price shipped


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Oh you can definately roll without the kits. i did it for one summer, lowered 2.25". Tires were pretty much bald by the end of the summer, but she looked good and cornered like mad

why don't you just do the washer trick for the rear?

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