Sounds like a problem

I have a 94 coupe with a D16Z6 with a Y8 head, DNX 4 into 1 header, and some no name aftermarket exhaust system with no cat. Today when I started it, the engine sounded like a Subaru WRX Sti. I live in Ohio, and it was in the low 30's. Would outside temps have any affect on the engine/exhaust? It also wasn't as loud as it was yesterday and I seem to have a loss in power. Any ideas??


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Change the plugs first


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louder? like your exhaust is louder or your engine is making noise


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Check the spark plug wires and make sure they're hooked up to the right spark plugs. Change out the plugs if nothing changes. Then I would say move onto the spark plug wires then distributor from there.
Yes, like a misfire. It stopped on my way home while sitting in traffic. But while sitting at a stoplight, it started to miss a little. Then it hit me. DUH!! Plugs and wires! I had a similar issue with my '02 Accord. It was a cracked spark plug. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated!! I know I'll be back with more questions as I get deeper into my "new" project/daily driver!!
Well I haven't got it taken care of yet. But I'm pretty sure that's what the culprit is. Stupid 10 hour work shift. Gives me no time for my sweet little civic!


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let us know if that fixes it and im glad its something simple.
I would just go ahead and do a full tune up on it prolly at least plugs,wires cap and rotor since its obvisly been a while.

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