Swap d15b7 to d16y8 problems


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Hello everyone ! Im Darek. I have Civic EJ2 LSi about 5 years. Now I swaped engine from D15B7 to D16Y8 and I have problem with start the engine...
What I did:
  • ECU P06 modiffication: added VTEC and chip with injection map from D16Y8
  • engine harness OBD1 from D15B7 with added wire to VTEC control (pin A4 in ECU)
  • Inhaust and Exhaust manifold from D16Z6
  • distributor TD41U (OBD1, D15B7)
  • spark plug cables D16Y8
  • engine block and head D16Y8
I read that engine D16Y8 can work properly via OBD1... but i cant start engine.

What I checked:
  • engine timing gear is set properly
  • fuel on the spark plug - is
  • spark on the spark plug - is . I checked it on all the spark plug cables
  • ECU in service mode doesnt report errors
I have no idea what is wrong.
I will be grateful if someone tell me what I should check.
Greetings !


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When you put the key in and try to start it, what exactly does it do, or not do?


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Could you see my video from google drive??
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