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Car was purchased in September 2005, pics removed because Photobucket sucks balls.

Parts list:

- Sparco Ergo (M) driver w/ PCI floor mount rail
- Sparco Pro2000 passenger w/ PCI floor mount rail
- Custom bead rolled aluminum rear seat upper delete with custom false bottom
- Black RaceQuip 6pt harnesses w/ arm restraints
- ASR harness retention scrolls
- OMP Superquadro wheel w/ WorksBell short hun and Rapfixx release
- AP1 cluster conversion w/ WireWorx harness and K Tuned converter
- AutoMeter Quick light shift light
- Defi ZD Advance gauge system w/ oil temp/pressure, water temp and fuel pressure
- ProSport digital wideband AFR gauge
- AutoPower Race rollbar powder coated matte black
- Cusco door bars
- Spoon duracon shift knob/ Buddy Club (Rotating Daily)
- Karcepts weighted shift knob (Track)
- OEM yellow stitch ITRx shift boot
- WorxTuning dead pedal
- OEM Type Rx pedal set
- USDM "K" code fog light switch...its to hard to find/get not to mention!
- Momo blue/black Ebrake handle
- Momo Black Ebrake boot
- OEM USDM armrest delete
- US Navy digi camo uniform material headliner
- Black tweed "A, B/C" pillars
- Black tweed door panel inserts
- OEM grab rail added to driver side overhead
- 2001 CRV cabin filter
- Spoon blue anti-glare wide glass in DC2R rearview mirror
- 35% doors/20% rear 3 tint
- LED dome/map lights


- OEM CTR headlights w/ City Lights
- Left OEM CTR foglight
- Right PWGayDM carbon intake duct
- Special Projects P1 spec Time Attack airdam w/ splitter
- Special Projects P1 spec rear spoiler
- PCI 4in race spec side skirts
- Track Life Composites 25mm over fenders trimmed in blue carbon w/ large blue carbon cutouts
- WeberSport gen 1 vented carbon hood, color matched :(
- 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 +36 (front) 15x8 +36 (rear) w/ 225/45/15 Hankook Ventus R-S3 (street)
- 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 +36 (front) 15x8 +36 (rear) w/ 225/45/15 Hankook Ventus Z214 C71 slicks (track)
- Spoon carbon Gen3 power mirrors
- Honda Access visors
- Golden Eagle rear tow hook
- RaceQuip front tow strap
- OEM "Civic" hood bra (only for road trips)


- Tien Type HA w/ pillowball
- Tein EDFC
- Carbing 3pt w/ MCB front tower bar
- Spoon RigiCola
- EM Racing rear upper bar
- EM Racing upper to floor diagonal bar
- EM Racing trunk floor bar
- Spoon twinblock calipers
- StopTech 2008 Mini Cooper slotted rotors
- Hawk DTC-60 pads - front
- Rotora slotted rotors - rear
- Hawk HPS pads - rear
- F7 spherical LCA's
- OEM front LCA's w/ PIC bushings + compliance bushings
- HardRace front sway endlinks/bushings
- ASR subframe brace; Cusco blue
- ASR 24mm rear sway bar
- F7 spherical end links
- PCI spherical RTA bushings
- ESM Race extended front lower spherical ball joints
- ESM Race spherical tie rod ends
- PCI spherical f/r camber kits
- Earl's SS brake lines


- Rust-Oleum Marine Top Coat Battleship Grey bay
- 1996 Spec JDM B18C-R
- Toda Spec A cams w/ Toda cam gears
- P28 Hondata S300 v3
- WireWorx Stage 4 black edition engine harness
- WireWorx headlight harness
- Self customized/sleeved charge/ground harnesses
- Self customized/sleeved reverse switch harness
- Self made braided grounds
- Spoon Signed valve cover (Special occasions)
- Spoon Unsigned valve cover (Daily)
- Spoon LSD
- Spoon rad hoses
- Spoon rad cap
- Spoon fan switch
- Spoon thermostat
- Spoon plug wires
- Spoon kevlar plug cover, Gen 1
- Spoon magnetic oil/trans drain bolts
- Spoon baffled oil pan
- Spoon oil pan heat barrier tape
- Spoon black rad stay
- OEM ITR intake arm w/ ITR CT filter and Comptech Icebox intake
- GearSpeed SS+ synchros
- Koyo DC2 fullsize radiator w/ slim fan
- ASR radiator brackets
- Fastline Performance shifter
- Dime's Performance solid shifter bushings
- Tyrannasaur Tightener roll pin replacement system
- Endyn breather system
- HPI oil cooler system
- Toda Racing header w/ purple haze titainium hardware
- T1R resonated test pipe
- Buddy Club spec II exhaust
- S2000 CMC w/ Downstar spacer and clutch line
- Tein hood dampers
- Carbing cooling plate
- Hasport mounts, black series
- Loads of Downstar black hardware
- Black flat washer VC kit
- Steel grey VTEC solenoid cover
- K-Tuned quick release hood hinges

- Pioneer double DIN
- Pioneer speakers all around
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Thanks man.

Future, well I want ot clean up the dents/dings from the years and respray it. Pull the engine and clean the bay up. Im not going to do a crazy tuck and clean out as I enjoy having PS/CC/AC. But I want to clean it up some. Rebuild will def be in the future as well. No boost, no crazy NA set up or anything...just something simple. Little things here and there...its never really finished...


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Nice updates!


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Thanks guys...and about the hood pins, well I would prefer the flush mounted ones but havent pick any up yet. I just know I needed them with all the driving I do. C/F and C/K look like they will go flying

Genuine Rolla

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starks look the best bro! Just gotta fix the fitment of the hood in the front and you'll be good!


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Thanks again guys, and Rolla you may be noticing the fit when the hood was popped. There are several pics where the hood is popped but not opened up =)


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What other bumper? That knock off C-West?...I took it out of the box and put it in the attic like 5yrs ago. I knew I didnt want it when I pulled it out. Its been sitting ever Thanks guys =)


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Im on the fence with this EM1.. You have all the right mods but emphasis on ALL. Its like you tried to get almost every part possible and cram it in. Slow it down a tad and youll have your self a legit EM1.

Id dump the hood, really throws off your car.

Those gloss white Starks are EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC.


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Thanks guys.

DarkCreep- I know what you are saying. As soon as I put the wheels on I was thrown by the hood. It was fine IMO with the other wheels and maybe with another set but with these it just makes it to busy. I am looking to pick up another stock rear bumper to take to paint and will be taking my OEM hood in at the same time. It needs to be cleaned up from the years of abuse and then sitting. Also plan on putting the stock mirrors back on. Always room for change =)

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