"The Mothership" - 1998 Civic - Maintenance Log

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Great information!
And fixed for under 50 bucks, now that makes me feel good for ya!
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A couple updates from the past few weeks:

Last week of January:
  • Found that the coolant was rusty :(
    • Flushed the radiator with water and ran the car (~3 times). The last flush was mostly clean water.
    • Found that the radiator cap was broken with the relief valve missing.
    • Replaced the radiator cap and filled the radiator with concentrated coolant to make a proper mix.
  • For a nice gentle test drive I drove to Atlanta for a wedding the next day. No issues.
Two days ago (Wednesday) I left my keys locked in my car at work... and the car running. It probably sat idling for about 6 hours total before my parents came to the rescue with a spare key.

The brakes still pulse, so yesterday my roommate helped me pull the front brake rotors and turn them on a brake lathe. No more pulsing while braking! At least for now...

And this weekend I'm planning on changing the oil simply due to the whole "left running all day" thing.


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Changed the oil Saturday at odometer 355,000.
3.5 Qt high-mileage Valvoline synthetic mix and new Bosch Premium 3312 filter.

Sunday I noticed coolant leaking out of the upper radiator hose, so that got replaced.

The car's been doing great lately. I actually suspect heat soaking with with the idiotic 5-hour idle session may have freed up some rings? Cleaned out some carbon? Polished some bearings? Warped the freaking longblock? The engine just feels a little more responsive :what:


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Monday I noticed that my tripmeter wasn't ... metering. I bumped the reset button a few times and then it resumed faithfully ticking away the mileage.

At the fill-up today I wrote down the trip meter and compared it to the odometer:
Trip meter402
Previous odometer355115
Difference in odometer355526 - 355115 = 411

They don't match. 8km sounds about right for the driving I did before noticing that the meter was still at 0. So my odometer is likely still working even though the trip meter is bugging out.

I also want to see if leaving the engine idling had an obvious affect on MPG, since I do have that data and don't really have compression test data to compare. Below are a couple of samples of KMPG before, and the first datapoint afterwards.
Before: 53.3, 49.9, 52.9, 58.4
Tank where car was left idling for ~5 hours: 45.5
After: 57.2

Looks like there wasn't any immediately obvious damage, at least from this metric.

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